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Insurance Q&A 01

2019.09.05 13:22

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Can other insurance companies see your claims?

There is certain information about your driving record and history of making insurance claims that auto insurance companies can request from specialty consumer reporting agencies in order to quote you a rate for an auto insurance policy. This information is not shared directly between auto insurance companies.


Can my parents see my medical records if I'm on their insurance?

The law, known as HIPAA, is meant to help patients by protecting their medical information from prying eyes. You're covered by HIPAA after you turn 18. At that point, you need to give written permission for people to see your medical records — even your parents.


Do prescriptions show up on insurance bills?

Medicines are usually handled by a whole other entity that specializes in prescriptions. ... That won't show up on your mom's insurance bill, because the company handling the drug portion of your health coverage is separate from the healthcare provider portion, or the main insurance company.


Are life insurance proceeds public record?

For the most part, life insurance policies are not a part of any public records. Life insurance proceeds are paid directly to a named beneficiary and therefore do not pass through a probate estate.


Can life insurance look at medical records?

Unless you've given your written permission, no insurance company can get their hands, or eyes, on your medical history. This protection is given legal force by the Data Protection Act (1998). However, if you agree to disclosure then your doctor will normally comply with an insurers' request to examine your records.


Can Life Insurance deny a claim?

If it is found that inaccurate information was provided, a claim can be denied. The insurance provider can deny the claim even if the policyholder's cause of death was in no way related to the misrepresented information that he or she supplied.