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Certified Legal Document Translation



Korean Translator's Affidavit

 (certified translation for USCIS application)

 (family certificate)

 (standard certificate)

 (marriage certificate)


Real Estate Transaction in South Korea with notary for Aspotille in Georgia State

 (US citizen same person certificate)

 (US citizen signature certificate)

 (US citizen resident address certificate)

 (Overseas Resident for US citizen)

 (death certificate transation with notary service for apostille ready document)


Korean Interpretation Service

 (court interpretation)

 (USCIS interpretation)

 (hospital interpretation)

 (attorney meeting interpretation)

 (deposition interpretation service)



  • from English to Korean
  • from Korean to English

Legal Translation is the translation of texts within the field of law. As law is a culture-dependent subject field, legal translation is not necessarily linguistically transparent. Intransparency in translation can be avoided somewhat by use of Latin legal terminology, where possible. Intransparency can lead to expensive misunderstandings in terms of a contract, for example, resulting in avoidable lawsuits. Legal translation is thus usually done by specialized law translators. Conflicts over the legal impact of a translation can be avoided by indicating that the text is "authentic" i.e. legally operative on its own terms or instead is merely a "convenience translation", which itself is not legally operative. Courts only apply authentic texts and do not rely on "convenience" translations in adjudicating rights and duties of litigants.