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What is packaging?

Packaging is generally done by the factory owners as a final process where packed goods are further packaged into bigger boxes, cartons or whatsoever. Packaging is all of the materials used to brace, contain, and protect a shipment. This includes dunnage (like peanuts, folded cardboard inserts,e tc.) and the cartons for both inner pack and shipper cartons. A package is the single sealed unit of the shipper carton that contains the shipment and the packaging used to protect it.

Packaging is not quite the same as packing but the two do go hand in hand sometimes. Packaging can also be used to protect products as they are being transported and packaging will take place before packing the items into containers for shipping. Packaging is used to present goods in an appealing way to attract customers. Goods that are in eye catching packaging often sell better than the goods that are not in beautiful packaging. Packaging can have specific purposes like sealing goods with other forms of protection. 

What is packing?

There are various products that are used for this kind of protective packaging like bubble wrap, corrugated card, shredded paper and foam cushioning. Packaging is also the process of preparing goods to be wrapped ready for shipping or other forms of transportation. Package is the whole thing - the product and the box it's in. packing is an augmented activity that adds value to the product inside.

* Packing can be several things.

  • Packing is the material used to pack and protect goods in a container especially in the shipping world.
  • Packing is the act carried out by a person or machinery to pack items for delivery. 
  • A person can also pack clothes and other goods for a holiday or moving to a new house.
  • Packing is used in medical situations when haemorrhaging can be stopped by packing the wound with gauze or other surgical materials.
  • In the packing industry there are products like ‘packing tape’ that assist with the process of packing. 
  • Packing boxes and packing trays and pallets are also used.
  • Packing refers to the process of packing certain products like meat, fruit and vegetables, ready for future sales in the food industry.
  • Packing provides the pressure required round the cylinder in the printing industry.
  • Packing prepares a product for storage and a packing unit fits into a shipping container ready to hold a standard size quantity of product.
  • Packing is the act of packaging or preparing a product to be delivered, stored or sold. Packing takes place to protect goods with packing or cushioning for protection.