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Construction crews have installed new traffic striping and overhead signs along the interstate in advance of the new interchange and will adjust traffic control for the opening. The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners in mid-2019 approved an agreement with the Georgia Department of Transportation to fund construction of the new interchange. Commissioners awarded the project to E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc. The contractor completed paving activities to tie in the on- and off-ramps last month.


The project includes four new ramps from Gravel Springs Road, with turn lanes and traffic signals, sidewalks, sound barriers and retaining walls. The project is funded by local, state and federal funds. While the interchange will be fully functional next week, additional work is required that could require termporary lane closures. Weather permitting, construction is forecast for completion in mid-2022. Construction took just over two years to reach this milestone of opening to traffic. District 4 Commissioner Marlene Fosque said this new interchange will provide much-needed congestion relief along two major arteries in Gwinnett County.


“I know many drivers have been watching the progress with interest and eagerly anticipating when the new interchange would open,” said Fosque. “I’m happy to say that time has come thanks to a great partnership between our transportation department and the Georgia Department of Transportation to improve mobility for our residents.” Gwinnett County received $20 million in federal grant funds provided by GDOT for the project. These grant funds covered the $18.9 million construction contract as well as inspection costs, while the County paid for engineering costs and right-of-way acquisition with funds from the 2014 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax program. County transportation staff remind motorists to slow down when approaching a work zone: Allow extra distance between vehicles, read signs, obey road crew flaggers and help keep you and construction crews safe.







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